I bought my ‘super-special” Gortex walking shoes back in the early Autumn of 2001. They are the most expensive ‘shoes’ I’ve ever bought, but I was told that I needed something of GREAT quality for my up-and-coming ‘Walk the Wall of China’ trip.

The investment was worth it!

Those shoes have walked China’s walls, ventured up numerous hills and mountains, prayer-walked huge lakes, and kept my feet protected through-out seven house-builds in Mexico, South Africa and Moldova.

Whilst they’ve been considerably battered by a mix of house-building concrete and all of the various elements and environments they’ve weathered, I’m grateful that they’ve kept my feet comfy and dry for over 18 years.

Until last month…

…during a rainy day prayer walk, I discovered to my great surprise – my feet were wet! Horror! Another two miles of soggy socks was a clear indicator that I needed to get new walking shoes!

And then, as I squelched along, it was as if my faithful, now ‘holey,’ shoes were speaking to me…

“Matt, this is a brand new season for you. A brand new book in the story of your life. A brand new path you’ve never trodden before. Time to get some new shoes! And maybe some new thinking. And maybe some new ways of doing life. And maybe new rhythms of rest and play. And maybe new relationships. And maybe…”

You get the idea?

I’m so struck with the importance of, at any given time, pausing to ask ourselves – and God – What season of life am I in? And what does this season require of me? What do I need for this leg of the journey? And what must I leave behind?

Is it time to get new walking shoes?

There’s a verse from the Bible that puts it this way…

“There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season.” Ecclesiates 3:1 (worth reading the first eight verses).

So let me ask you today: What season of life are you in? And what does this season of life require of you? What do you need to embrace? And what might you need to let go of? Is it time to get new shoes for this special season?