Happy New Year!

How are you feeling as you step into a new year?

How big is your ‘To Do’ list for 2021, or this month, or even just the week ahead?

I had a moment, just before Christmas, when I a little overwhelmed by all the things that I had to do (or at least believed I had to do).

Have you ever prayed for the 36 hour day? If we only we had more time then we could achieve so much more, right? Hmm! I’m not so sure. Here’s a truth I discovered a few years back…

We have ALL the time in the world to do what God wants us to do!

God created a healthy rhythm for creation that give us 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. More than enough time to work, rest and place as far as He is concerned – and who am I to argue? So the right challenge – or should I say ‘opportunity’ – is to prayerfully, and practically, explore how we ‘make the best use of our time ‘ (Ephesians 5:16).

So here’s my new year advice to you to help you get a better handle on your ‘To Do’ list. It’s time to 4D your ‘To Do’ list. Take everything that’s on your list of things to do and put it through these 4 filters.

  1. DITCH IT! Does it really need to be done at all? Seriously! Have we bought into what I call the lie of ‘have to’ i.e. “I have to do this?”. But do you really? What would happen if you didn’t do it? Maybe just let it go and ‘ditch it’. You’ll be amazed how liberating that might feel!
  2. DELEGATE IT! Ok, so this ‘to do’ needs to be done – but do YOU really need to do it? Is someone missing out on a growth and development opportunity because you’re doing something they could be doing? Or maybe you just need to be humble enough to let someone else help you?
  3. DELAY IT! Does this ‘to do’ really need to be done now? Maybe it’s not as urgent as you think. Maybe you can look at it next week? Or next month? Give yourself some space.
  4. DO IT! Whatever is left – do it! Go for it! Schedule it! Plan it! Give time to it! Give your best energy moments of the day to the things that are most important and require more brainpower.

There ya go! Put your ‘To Dos’ through the 4D challenge and let’s all see if we can have a ‘To Do’ list that doesn’t feel overwhelming, provides opportunities for others, and gives us a genuine sense of achievement – hopefully as we give our time to the things that help us feel most alive!