In the past month I went to a Drum Conference with my eldest son Andy. It was a mixture of very loud drum workshops and a very loud exhibition area. Do you see the common theme?

My ears are still recovering, but we had a fantastic time.
There were 100s of drum kits showcased but I was struck by the growing number of custom-made kits. It got me thinking about how our lives can be like musical instruments, with God as the divine conductor inviting us to play along to Heaven’s songs of hope in the world.

Here are some thoughts to chew over as you consider that your instrument is your life.

Firstly, you’re custom-made… Yes, that’s right! You’re one of kind. Utterly and stunningly unique. You do you. Every other position is taken.

Secondly, you’re made to play… You weren’t created to gather dust or sit idle. This world needs to hear your sound. Your rhythm. Your difference. No-one else can step into the space that’s your life.

Thirdly, play in time… This is your moment. This is your time. Now. What’s done is done and who knows what’s coming round the corner? But today, you have the opportunity to step-in, step-up, and step-forward. The conductor of the Universe is inviting you to play. He’s cueing you in – right here, right now. For the sake of others. Don’t miss your moment.

Fourthly, play in tune… We bring the unique harmonies and rhythms of our life to the song that’s been playing since the beginning of creation. God’s song. It’s a song of faith, hope and love. Compassion, comfort and kindness. Joy, grace and peace. Justice and generosity. Confession, patience and forgiveness. Justice, mercy and generosity. And so on…

Your instrument is your life. You’re custom-made. You were made to play. To play in time, and play in tune.