Yesterday I went for a walk, as I often do, in the fields around my home. I take these times to think, pray, and do my best to have moments of stillness.

In the distance, as I was walking, I could see one of my neighbours walking her dog. As we eventually crossed paths, she commented to me, “You’re working very purposefully there!” – referring to what I know to be my fast and determined walking speed. We chatted for a bit and then I continued my walk.

Around fifteen minutes later, I decided it was time to stop praying, and thinking about ‘stuff’, but simply attempt to rest my mind. Create some space for Jesus to speak – or just to be still. After a few minutes, a question came into my head.

“Why are you walking so quickly?”

I’ve got to know this inner voice over the years. I’ve never heard the audible voice of God, but in moments like these, I sense the warmth of Jesus speaking. Then, a gentle request came.

“Can you walk slower?”

I smiled. I know that my walking pace often reflects my life. Fast, full, driven. The goal is to complete the walk – rather than enjoy the walk. Maybe, today, I was being reminded I was embracing the wrong goal. I started to slow down.


I nearly laughed out loud. Thankfully no one was around. In my mind’s eye, I could see the pace that Jesus was walking. Leisurely. Relaxed. Unhurried. But so slow. Crazy slow. I continued to try to slow my pace and it was difficult. Really difficult. My body wanted to rush, and at least go faster. I wasn’t used to this pace but I nearly got there, and I knew that this was the invitation for next time.

To walk slow.
To soak in the view.
To be in the present moment.
To allow the goal to be to enjoy the walk, not finish the walk.
To listen out for the still small divine voice of love, kindness, and compassion.
You’ll never find the words “And Jesus ran…” in the Bible. Jesus walks with us. Sometimes He talks. Sometimes He listens. Sometimes He enjoys being with us with no words spoken – like hanging out with the best of friends that you don’t need to perform for.

May we all make space to walk with Him, and see what happens.