How encouraged are you feeling right now?

Is there anyone you know who needs some encouragement?

The Bible is full of encouragements for us to be encouraging, and the richness of the original Hebrew and Greek language gives us a variety of ways to be an encourager.

Check these out…

The Hebrew word ‘chazaq’ (Deuteronomy 1:38) is used over 600 times in the Old Testament and reminds us that encouraging people helps them to be strong, bold, courageous, and determined.

The Greek word “Tharseō” (Matthew 9:2) appears repeatedly throughout the New Testament and it means to encourage people to grow in confidence, and not be daunted by whatever they’re facing because they have your support.

Then we find the repeated use of two similar Greek words ‘Paraklēsis’ (Romans 12:8) and ‘Parakaleō’ (2 Corinthians 13:11) and both convey the importance of coming alongside someone for the purposes of comforting them, helping them find a way through a difficult time, being a refreshing presence in their lives, and kindly challenging them to be their best self.

There’s one occurrence of the word ‘Protrepō’ (Acts 18:27) which is used in the context of encouraging people to ‘go for it’ and ‘don’t hold back’.

In other places, we find the word ‘Aspazomai’ (Acts 20:1) which reminds us that some people just need the encouragement of a hug, the joy that you’re pleased to see them.

The Greek word ‘Anapauō’ (1 Corinthians 16:18) communicates the kind of encouragement that invites someone who has been ‘crazy busy’ to slow down, take a break from their hard work, and enjoy some rest and peace.

Then we have the word ‘oikodomē’ (Ephesians 4:29) which aims to see growth in someone’s life through loving, kind, gentle critique.

And finally, we have the Greek word ‘anapsycho’ (2 Timothy 1:16). A beautiful word which describes a commitment to be available to someone to help them let off steam – to cool off – and be refreshed.

How often should we do this? How about every day – or as often as we have the opportunity? That’s the recommendation from Hebrews 13:3.
So be encouraged and be an encourager.
Make it a daily practice.
Can you imagine how much better the world would be if everyone was committed to such a thing?

Thank you for your friendship and support. I’m cheering and praying for you whatever you’re facing. Do message back if there’s anything specific I can be praying for you, or supporting you in.