I remember some years ago being struck by these words from King Solomon in Proverbs 28:1…

“The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, But the righteous are as bold as lions.”

These words got me asking myself, how bold are you Matt?

What does healthy boldness even look like?

Then I remembered these words (1 Thessalonians 1:3) from the Apostle Paul when he was commending a church in the city of Thessalonica on their passion for Jesus’ mission…

“We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Faith, hope, and love – the engine of our energy for our works for God. But what does the bold roar of faith, hope and love look it, and why does the world need it?

Here are some thoughts I’ve been chewing over. I hope they encourage you and inspire you. What are your thoughts on this?

Bold faith

Bold faith is unshakeable – It’s honest enough to say “I don’t understand everything that’s happening, but I chose to believe that God loves me, that God is for me, that God is with me, that He catches my tears, and He calms my fears – so I daily chose to surrender to Him – even as I live between miracle and mystery.

Bold faith is demonstrable – despite my brokenness and flaws and failings, even in the midst of my doubts and fears, I know that God – in His loving kindness – is able to work powerfully through me to be and bring good news in the world – as I daily become more like Jesus.

Bold hope

Bold hope is expectant – I might be going through a storm right now, but I know that better days are coming. I know that God will bring me through.

Bold hope is triumphant – Pain and suffering will never have the last word over my life. I refuse to even fear death because I know that Jesus has defeated death and I will live with Him forever in God’s new creation.

Bold love

Bold love is interruptible – it’s being willing to be used by God in any moment with any person, as Jesus opens up an opportunity. It’s a laying down of your plans and agenda on a daily basis in order to join in with what Heaven is up to.

Bold love is sacrificial – it’s a wholehearted willingness to generously and joyfully sacrifice your time, money and energy for the sake of others.

Ok! Reality check. I know that none of us can think and live like this by ourselves. Thank God for our thorough dependence on help from Heaven in the Holy Spirit for our hearts to really start to believe this.

So let’s be fired up, every day, and may our lives roar with the good news demonstrated through bold faith, hope and love.