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    1. Foundations of leadership2. Christian Leadership unpacked3. The heart of a leader4. Leadership styles5. Leading in the power of the Spirit - The Fruit6. Leading in the power of the Spirit - The Gifts7. Growing in influence and trust8. How leaders shape culture?9. The power of Vision10. Godly decision making11. Creating a great team12. Growing a great team13. Leading change14. Handling conflict15. Managing feedback16. Experiencing God’s shalom17. Personal effectiveness18. The pain of leadership19. The challenges of money, sex and power20.Recovering from failure21. Freedom in Christ22. Caring for others23. Finishing well

    1. Handling challenging emotions2. Parenting and the teenage brain3. Stress, rest and sleep4. Social media, porn and the online world5. Building Confidence and self-esteemComplete series of all 5 sessions plus Q&A

    Managing Difficult EmotionsStressAnxietyConfidenceResilienceSleep

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