The Secret Formula to Youth Ministry

The Secret Formula to Youth Ministry

A fun-packed and confidence building seminar evening for youth and children’s leaders exploring:

  • The big 1 reason this really matters
  • 5 essential elements of a youth ministry
  • The 1 thing that takes everything to another level

This event is aimed at Youth and Children’s leaders but also would be great for Church Leaders, Parents and young people who are growing in to leadership positions.

The evening programme is presented in two halves, each lasting around 50 minutes, with a 10 minute interval.

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Comments from people who have attended in the past year:

About the event

The Speaker

This event is presented by Matt Summerfield.


The cost to a church for hosting this seminar is £300. This would include travel expenses up to 200 miles round trip. The additional mileage over 200 miles will be charged at 45p per mile. If Matt has to fly to speak and/or stay in overnight accommodation this will also be charged as an expense.

The church is welcome to charge for the event a maximum of £5 per person. All ticket sales are kept by the church.


It is recommended that the seminar event runs from 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00pm), with the programme finishing around 9:30pm.


Please contact us if you would like to make a booking, or to check dates/availability etc.

Matt will bring the following:

  • Laptop to run presentation, videos
  • Display materials and resources
  • Free copy of the ‘Disciples Making Disciples’ workbook
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Hosting the event

‘Stretch-Your-Life’ would love to partner with churches/organisations that are willing to host this fantastic event. We truly believe this seminar will envision, equip and encourage people in their faith – and help them to grow confidence in reaching others with the good news of Jesus.

To host an event, simply complete the ‘seminar booking form’ enclosed with this pack and return it to us.

In order to make this a great evening for all, we need hosting churches/organisations to be aware of the following requirements:

Staging and Equipment

The venue must be able to hold a minimum of 80-100 people – preferably more. Average attendance tends to be between 30-80 people.
At least four power sockets should be accessible from the stage.
The church needs a PA system which can take sound from a Macbook that will be positioned at the front of the stage and seen/controlled by Matt. The Macbook (Matt will bring adaptors) should then be connected to a projector and screen. Matt would prefer a clip-on microphone but can use a hand-held.

Team Support

From time to time, Matt might bring additional team members to help at the event. We always appreciate a drink and a snack but nothing more than that ☺.


The church/organisation will commit to actively promote the event across their geography, particularly to other churches, organisations/agencies and Christian bookshops. Stretch-Your-Life will provide a publicity PDF that can be used on social media, website and in emails – and which can be printed where required.


The church will provide refreshments for attendees during the interval.

Welcome Team

The church should provide a stewarding team to offer a warm welcome to people and help them find seats.

Prayer Team

It would be great if there was a team of people available to join Matt in praying for any people who respond during the evening. Matt will bring resources for those folks and will want to meet with the prayer team 30 minutes before the event starts to talk about the response.

Other Requirements

The church should have sufficient space (preferably where the refreshments are served) for Stretch-Your-Life to erect a display/resources area. Minimum space required is 2m by 1m with at least two power sockets.


Fees can be paid by cheque or bank transfer at least 7 days before the event.

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