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Is it time to Reboot Your Leadership?

Whether you’re a seasoned leader, or just beginning your leadership journey, it’s always a great idea to take some time out to refresh and reset.

Think about it! When was the last time your mobile phone needed to reboot and apply an upgrade? Probably recently, right? Your phone needs that upgrade for two important reasons:

Firstly, to fix past problems

Those nasty little bugs that frustrate our day-to-day work when our beloved device doesn’t work as it should. The same can be true in our leadership. We all face internal and external glitches that can frustrate our influence and impact. Let’s be honest, leadership is wearying at times!

Secondly, to open up new possibilities

Our mobile upgrades offer us new functions which provide the opportunity to do things we could never do before. The same can be true for our leadership. Who knows what possibilities await if we take time out for a reset?

So, if you’re passionate about leading well, then why not be kind to yourself and make some space for a refresh and reset. To take the opportunity to identify and resolve past problems, and to open up some new possibilities?

Reboot Your Leadership is the space to do just that and if you’re up for it, then I’d love you to join me. Get the full low-down below.

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Course Content

1) Rediscovering your true identity

  • Why identity matters for healthy leadership?
  • 6 faulty identities that toxify your leadership
  • 5 biblical identity truth-bombs
  • Your number ONE responsibility

2) Developing a healthy atmosphere
(exploring culture)

  • Why is culture shaping so important?
  • Disciples ARE culture-shapers
  • 3 metaphors from Jesus about shaping culture
  • 5 levers to impact culture and atmosphere

3) Getting stuff done
(exploring vision and strategy)

  • The 5 characteristics of vision
  • 3 ways vision positively impacts people
  • 5 key principals for getting the right stuff done
  • The Christian leaders advantage!

4) Leading effective change
(exploring change and transition)

  • The 3 stages of change, and how to lead through them
  • The 3 powerful emotions that surface in a time of change
  • 7 tips for leading effective change

5) Building outstanding people
(exploring teamwork)

  • Why your example matters?
  • The culture needed for teams to thrive
  • The 3 truths about developing people
  • 1 soul-searching question to finish!!!

6) Handling tricky chats
(exploring conflict and feedback)

  • Why facing tricky chats is so important?
  • The 4 things that most influence our response to conflict
  • 3 important truths about facing conflict
  • 4 heart attitudes for healthy conflict
  • The 3 essentials for handling tricky chats well

Programme Dates

Fridays lunchtimes
12:15pm - 2:00pm

Friday 27th Sept
Friday 4th Oct
Friday 11th Oct
Friday 8th Nov
Friday 15th Nov
Friday 29th Nov

Programme Options

There are two options to participate in the programme with either of the approaches above, priced at different levels:

Reboot Your Leadership


  • Participate in the six online training sessions, with interactive discussion with other leaders
  • Receive a video/audio recording of the training sessions with a copy of the session presentation
  • Follow-up leadership handouts and articles for further learning
  • Ebook of Matt’s Romans 12 daily devotional, Zeo

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Reboot Your Leadership PLUS


  • Everything in “Reboot Your Leadership”
  • Encouragement, support, and connection through a private WhatsApp Group with a small group of leaders journeying with you for the duration of the programme
  • Prophetic appointment with my good friend, Martin Scott, to bring further encouragement and direction in your leadership journey
  • A one-to-one coaching session at the end of the programme to help you determine your next steps in your new leadership reboot
  • Additional handouts, and a personalised hard copy of the Zeo book posted to you
  • Limited to 6 people in each programme

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